Draft versions of my publications (alas, only the Research & Politics article is open access) can be found on my ResearchGate profile.

Leininger, Arndt, Lukas Rudolph and Steffen Zittlau (2016) "How to increase turnout in low salience elections. Quasi-experimental evidence on the effect of simultaneous second-order elections on political participation", Political Science Research and Methods (article, replication/data, (early) draft)

Kayser, Mark A. and Arndt Leininger (2016) "A Predictive Test of Voters' Economic Benchmarking: The 2013 German Bundestag Election", German Politics, 25(1), pp. 106-130 (article)

Leininger, Arndt (2015) "Wissenschaftliche Wahlprognosen - Alternative oder Ergänzung zu Umfragen?" in: Zeitschrift für Parlamentsfragen, 46(4), pp. 675-691 (article)

Kayser, Mark A. and Arndt Leininger (2015) "Vintage Errors: Do Real-Time Economic Data Improve Election Forecasts?", Research and Politics, 2(3) (article, replication/data)

Leininger, Arndt (2015) "Direct Democracy in Europe: Potentials and Pitfalls", Global Policy, 6(S1), pp. 17-27 (article)

Work in Progress

"How representative are referendums?" (with Lea Heyne, R&R)

"Coalition Building and Social Identity" (with Denise Laroze and David Hugh-Jones) (slides, under review)

"A Länder-based Forecast of the 2017 German Bundestag Election" (with Mark Kayser)

"Popular Support for Direct Democracy in Europe: Critical but not Compensatory"

"The Elusive Effect of Referendums on Democratic Satisfaction"

"Who votes against the government? Voting Behavior in National Referendums in Switzerland" (paper, replication/data)


I also occasionally blog about my research and data analyses I do in my 'free time.' See below for a selection of posts.