Working Papers

“Do Populist Parties Increase Turnout? Evidence from over 40 Years of Electoral History in 31 European Democracies’’ (with Maurits Meijers, Radboud University, Nijmegen) – R&R

“The Consequences of Increasing Turnout in Low-Salience Elections: Evidence from Concurrent Elections in Germany” (with Lukas Rudolph, LMU Munich) – under review

“Differential Mobilization in the EU Multi-Level System and Success for the Populist Radical Right” (with Julia Schulte-Cloos, University of Vienna) – invited to submit full paper to Politics and Governance

“Germany” (with Thorsten Faas, FU Berlin) to appear in: Jan Eichhorn and Johannes Bergh (Ed.) “Lowering the Voting Age to 16 - Learning from Real Experiences Worldwide”, Palgrave – contracted

“Issue Voting und Economic Voting” (with Thorsten Faas, FU Berlin) to appear in: Thorsten Faas, Oscar W. Gabriel and Jürgen Maier (Ed.) “Handbuch der politikwissenschaftlichen Einstellungs‐ und Verhaltensforschung”, – contracted

“Becoming a Democratic Citizen. Quasi-Experimental Evidence on the Effects of Coming of Voting Age” (with Thorsten Faas, Freie Universit"at Berlin, Sigrid Roßteutscher, Goethe University Frankfurt, and Armin Sch"afer, University of M"unster)

Work in Progress

“The effect of enfranchisement, temporary disenfranchisement and participation on youth turnout” (with Thorsten Faas, Free University of Berlin, Sigrid Roßteutscher, Goethe-University Frankfurt and Armin Schäfer, University of Osnabrück). Three-wave panel study of 3500 adolescents in Schleswig-Holstein covering the state and federal election 2017 as well as municipal elections in 2018.

Media and Blogs

I also occasionally write for media outlets and blogs about my research and data analyses I do in my ‘free time.’ See below for a selection of posts.